Friday, October 16, 2015

Calendar of Events:
10/20 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game WES @ CPS
10/21 - Gr. 5 Field Trip to Old Fort Western
10/27 - Mahoosuc Performance "Tinpanic Steel Band"
11/3 - Workshop Day
11/4 - Flu Shot Day (Elementary students)
11/11 - Holiday! No School
11/12, 11/13 & 11/16 - Tooth Fairies
11/19 - P/T Conferences
11/23 - P/T Conferences
11/25 - Workshop Day!
11/26 - Holiday No School
11/27 - Vacation Day No School

File:Navionics Pineapple Team.File:Navionics Pineapple Team.

Next week’s healthy snack host is TRAVIS. :)

A reminder about our field trip to FT. WESTERN next Wednesday! Please bring in your permission slip and $ before Wednesday.

We had a good turn out for Grandparent’s Day today. The students always enjoy this day!

Students shared their raps for the Four Corners project, their work on their laptops, and played games.

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In Math, we are becoming more proficient with the order of operations. Students feel pretty good with their work in class and at home. We are also working on multiplication; large numbers by one digit #’s and have learned our 3’s timetables. Next week, the 4’s!!

We are also working with decimals: reading and writing them, rounding, greater than/less than, place value, and addition.

We played a game of “Fact-Family Hoe-Down,” which was  a lot of fun!

In Literacy areas, we wrote biographies of a class member and made their portrait for the bulletin board. We also began new reading groups: The Barn by, Avi and Woods Runner by, Gary Paulsen. Students are working on vocabulary, sentence and mechanics skills, being prepared with discussion questions for group time, and continued comma work.

Social Studies Topics include: Marco Polo and the early explorers; students worked in 2 small groups to read and discuss the “big ideas” of Marco Polo’s significance to exploration, and the beginnings of the Revolutionary War. We watched the Walt Disney movie, “Johnny Tremain” which is based upon the historical fiction novel written by Esther Forbes in 1943.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs. Conrad

Friday, October 2, 2015

October 2, 2015 Newsletter

News from Mrs. Conrad’s
RAD Classroom!! IMG_2769.JPGIMG_2768.JPG

We had some terrific fun this week with our learning! Students have been working in small groups to discuss articles and concepts of study. This is really important to the best and most efficient ways to learn, along with the higher engagement, critical thinking, and creativity it sparks. It is more fun to learn with others than to learn everything in a solitary fashion.  

Calendar of Events:
10/6 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game WES @ CPS
10/9 - Workshop Day
10/12 - Holiday - No School
10/13 - School Photo Day
10/13 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game CPS @ WES
10/16 - Grandparents Day
10/20 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game WES @ CPS
10/21 - Gr. 5 Field Trip to Old Fort Western
10/27 - Mahoosuc Performance "Tinpanic Steel Band"
11/3 - Workshop Day

File:Navionics Pineapple Team.File:Navionics Pineapple Team.

Next week’s “Healthy Snack Host”: Riley

Academic Happenings:
We have been working really hard on Literacy skills-comma usage, sentence types, mechanics, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, dialogue, and paragraphing. We still have a long way to go, but progress is happening!

Students are working on informational reports about “Sharks” for their KidBlogs. They have researched and are on the drafting stages of their reports.

In Social Studies, we are working on geography and mapping to go with our Native American studies of the Four Corners region. Students are finding out about statehood, state tree, state bird, natural resources, native peoples, etc.  A science connection for this is; learning about the state’s climate and landforms.

In Math, we are rocking the skills of  PEMDAS, “Order of Operations.” I am so happy with the excitement the kids have when we are learning new things. They stay engaged and are willing to work hard. (Something to work on for my students would be math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.)
Yes, I will say it, my students are RAD!
Super proud and happy with my class! Everyday is a great day  spent together!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Conrad