Friday, November 6, 2015

Calendar of Events
11/11 - Holiday! No School
11/16 - Photo Retake Day
11/18 - Gr. 5 Field Trip to Gulf of Maine Research Institute
11/19 - P/T Conferences 3:30-7:00
11/23 - P/T Conferences 3:30-7:00
11/25 - Workshop Day! (No School for Staff & Students)
11/26 - Holiday! No School
11/27 - Vacation Day! No School
11/30-12/4 - Cromwell visits to Grades 1-5
12/2 - PTA Meeting
12/5 - Breakfast w/Santa
12/7-12/11 - Childrens Stage Adventure (Mahoosuc Arts)

Illustration of a watermelonIllustration of a watermelon

Healthy Snack HOST for next week is: SELENA

WE are moving mountains in MATH! I am so excited about the great effort that the students are putting into the many math topics we are practicing right now.
Here are a few:
  • Algebraic and variable expressions. Examples: 3m= 36, subtract five from the product of six and four, 36f when f =24
  • Estimate by rounding. Examples: 46 x 37= 50 x 40 = 200
  • Patterns of Zero and Ten. Examples: 20 x 3= (Think of 2x3=6 and add the zero.) 60, 500 x 50 = (5x5 =25 and add three zeros) 25,000
  • Classifying shapes for geometry.
  • Attempting to master the facts. +, - x, / (XtraMath)
  • Double digit multiplication.
  • LONG division with 2 digit divisors (estimating the quotient)

jayden math.jpgriley math.jpg

In Science, we just began our first unit on the Ecosystem. We played an exciting game called “Kahoot! “ This had the kids on their feet and applauding each other. We have a list of vocab words to learn, along with the content of the theme, and have each chosen a Maine Coast animal (fish, bird, mollusk, or mammal) to study. Today, we wrote our bold beginning or ‘Hook” to our report/article.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs. Conrad