Friday, November 6, 2015

Calendar of Events
11/11 - Holiday! No School
11/16 - Photo Retake Day
11/18 - Gr. 5 Field Trip to Gulf of Maine Research Institute
11/19 - P/T Conferences 3:30-7:00
11/23 - P/T Conferences 3:30-7:00
11/25 - Workshop Day! (No School for Staff & Students)
11/26 - Holiday! No School
11/27 - Vacation Day! No School
11/30-12/4 - Cromwell visits to Grades 1-5
12/2 - PTA Meeting
12/5 - Breakfast w/Santa
12/7-12/11 - Childrens Stage Adventure (Mahoosuc Arts)

Illustration of a watermelonIllustration of a watermelon

Healthy Snack HOST for next week is: SELENA

WE are moving mountains in MATH! I am so excited about the great effort that the students are putting into the many math topics we are practicing right now.
Here are a few:
  • Algebraic and variable expressions. Examples: 3m= 36, subtract five from the product of six and four, 36f when f =24
  • Estimate by rounding. Examples: 46 x 37= 50 x 40 = 200
  • Patterns of Zero and Ten. Examples: 20 x 3= (Think of 2x3=6 and add the zero.) 60, 500 x 50 = (5x5 =25 and add three zeros) 25,000
  • Classifying shapes for geometry.
  • Attempting to master the facts. +, - x, / (XtraMath)
  • Double digit multiplication.
  • LONG division with 2 digit divisors (estimating the quotient)

jayden math.jpgriley math.jpg

In Science, we just began our first unit on the Ecosystem. We played an exciting game called “Kahoot! “ This had the kids on their feet and applauding each other. We have a list of vocab words to learn, along with the content of the theme, and have each chosen a Maine Coast animal (fish, bird, mollusk, or mammal) to study. Today, we wrote our bold beginning or ‘Hook” to our report/article.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs. Conrad

Friday, October 16, 2015

Calendar of Events:
10/20 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game WES @ CPS
10/21 - Gr. 5 Field Trip to Old Fort Western
10/27 - Mahoosuc Performance "Tinpanic Steel Band"
11/3 - Workshop Day
11/4 - Flu Shot Day (Elementary students)
11/11 - Holiday! No School
11/12, 11/13 & 11/16 - Tooth Fairies
11/19 - P/T Conferences
11/23 - P/T Conferences
11/25 - Workshop Day!
11/26 - Holiday No School
11/27 - Vacation Day No School

File:Navionics Pineapple Team.File:Navionics Pineapple Team.

Next week’s healthy snack host is TRAVIS. :)

A reminder about our field trip to FT. WESTERN next Wednesday! Please bring in your permission slip and $ before Wednesday.

We had a good turn out for Grandparent’s Day today. The students always enjoy this day!

Students shared their raps for the Four Corners project, their work on their laptops, and played games.

evan and cam.jpgreid.jpgemily.jpg


In Math, we are becoming more proficient with the order of operations. Students feel pretty good with their work in class and at home. We are also working on multiplication; large numbers by one digit #’s and have learned our 3’s timetables. Next week, the 4’s!!

We are also working with decimals: reading and writing them, rounding, greater than/less than, place value, and addition.

We played a game of “Fact-Family Hoe-Down,” which was  a lot of fun!

In Literacy areas, we wrote biographies of a class member and made their portrait for the bulletin board. We also began new reading groups: The Barn by, Avi and Woods Runner by, Gary Paulsen. Students are working on vocabulary, sentence and mechanics skills, being prepared with discussion questions for group time, and continued comma work.

Social Studies Topics include: Marco Polo and the early explorers; students worked in 2 small groups to read and discuss the “big ideas” of Marco Polo’s significance to exploration, and the beginnings of the Revolutionary War. We watched the Walt Disney movie, “Johnny Tremain” which is based upon the historical fiction novel written by Esther Forbes in 1943.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs. Conrad

Friday, October 2, 2015

October 2, 2015 Newsletter

News from Mrs. Conrad’s
RAD Classroom!! IMG_2769.JPGIMG_2768.JPG

We had some terrific fun this week with our learning! Students have been working in small groups to discuss articles and concepts of study. This is really important to the best and most efficient ways to learn, along with the higher engagement, critical thinking, and creativity it sparks. It is more fun to learn with others than to learn everything in a solitary fashion.  

Calendar of Events:
10/6 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game WES @ CPS
10/9 - Workshop Day
10/12 - Holiday - No School
10/13 - School Photo Day
10/13 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game CPS @ WES
10/16 - Grandparents Day
10/20 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game WES @ CPS
10/21 - Gr. 5 Field Trip to Old Fort Western
10/27 - Mahoosuc Performance "Tinpanic Steel Band"
11/3 - Workshop Day

File:Navionics Pineapple Team.File:Navionics Pineapple Team.

Next week’s “Healthy Snack Host”: Riley

Academic Happenings:
We have been working really hard on Literacy skills-comma usage, sentence types, mechanics, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, dialogue, and paragraphing. We still have a long way to go, but progress is happening!

Students are working on informational reports about “Sharks” for their KidBlogs. They have researched and are on the drafting stages of their reports.

In Social Studies, we are working on geography and mapping to go with our Native American studies of the Four Corners region. Students are finding out about statehood, state tree, state bird, natural resources, native peoples, etc.  A science connection for this is; learning about the state’s climate and landforms.

In Math, we are rocking the skills of  PEMDAS, “Order of Operations.” I am so happy with the excitement the kids have when we are learning new things. They stay engaged and are willing to work hard. (Something to work on for my students would be math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.)
Yes, I will say it, my students are RAD!
Super proud and happy with my class! Everyday is a great day  spent together!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Conrad

Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 Unbelievable wether we are having!

Calendar of Events
9/21 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Practice
9/22 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Practice
9/25 - Gr. 5 Field Trip to Sunday River
9/28 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Practice
9/29 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game CPS @ WES
10/6 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game WES @ CPS
10/9 - Workshop Day
10/12 - Holiday - No School
10/13 - School Photo Day
10/13 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game CPS @ WES
10/16 - Grandparents Day
10/20 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Game WES @ CPS
10/21 - Gr. 5 Field Trip to Old Fort Western
10/27 - Mahoosuc Performance "Tinpanic Steel Band"

This weather has been so fantastic- a bit warm, but fabulous nonetheless! Let's keep it coming!

Next week, the Healthy snack host is Chelsea.

News of the week:

NWEA testing has begun. We are 2 tests down and 1 to go. Next week, we will complete our Language NWEA. 

We finished our class book, Kneeknock Rise. Our new class book is, Sing Down the Moon, by Scott O'Dell. This books goes great with our Social Studies work of early colonization and Native American cultures. 

Speaking of Social Studies, the students completed "Text Feature" articles about the Inca and Aztec cultures. Their work included a subheading, short summary, a caption with a descriptive sentence, a map and a side bar. 

Today, the 4/5 wing, students and teachers, got together to discuss playground rules. There have been some recent instances of bad behavior, aggressiveness, and disrespect. We thought it was important to meet as a wing to talk about a few of the issues and discuss the expectations of fun and safe playground use. We want to applaud the positive behavior and understand the consequences for the negative behavior. 

If anyone is interested in volunteering in our classroom, please get in touch. We need adults to help with leading small groups or 1:1; for basic fact practice, reading groups, math helpers, or even being a presenter to our class about your job, education or hobby. 

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Conrad

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Main idea and supporting details lesson

September 11, 2015

A fun week was had!

In Social Studies, we have been learning about the First Americans and Early Colonization. We've also been discussing civics-rules, and guidelines, liberties-freedoms, Maine studies, and a bit of government. We had collaborative discussions 1:1, small group, and large group; coming together to build upon and express ideas clearly.  On Friday, we formed our Classroom Constitution, which supports us with guidelines for the most effective ways we can work and support each other throughout the school year.

Math class work has included basic fact timed tests, XtraMath, IXL-Place Value, Short Word form, and Expanded form with Exponents.

This week in English/Language Arts ( Literacy), the students continued their work with idioms, determining main ideas and supporting details, as well as progress toward showing command of their mechanics in writing.

On Thursday, after a class read aloud and discussion about the picture book, The Three Questions, students were broken up into groups to put a paragraph in the proper order-main idea first, followed by supporting details.

Small group reading groups highlighted main idea, details to support and follow-up comprehension.

Pics and short video show the activity and results below.

Upcoming events/calendar:
9/14 - NWEA Testing begins
9/14 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Practice
9/15 - Gr. 4/5 Soccer Practice
9/15 - Open House 6pm-7pm
10/9 - Workshop Day
10/13 - School Photo Day
10/27 - Mahoosuc Performance "Tinpanic Steel Band"

Healthy Snack Schedule for the next 15 weeks.

9/14 Emily Cummings
9/21 Chelsea Duclos
9/28 Jakob Hooper
10/5 Riley Jerome
10/12 Reid Johnston
10/19 Travis Kneeland
10/26 Bode Leach
11/2 Evan Leach
11/9 Selena Ojeda
11/16 Forest Pelletier
11/30 Cameron Remington
12/7 Eli Shifrin
12/14 Keenan Sparks
1/4 Autumn Thompson
1/11 Jayden Thurston

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Learning Stations are the way to go!

Learning and Growing

Tables and cubbies! Students are participating in a read-aloud play highlighting idioms. 
9/4/15 Greetings to all from Mrs. Conrad!

New year, New happenings!

It has been a fun and fabulous first week in our classroom! I am so pleased with the way the kids are coming together as a class and getting our routines and expectations down! Totally impressive!!

We have changes in schedule for this year. Our normal daily schedule looks like this:
8:10-8:50 Science/Social Studies
8:55-9:35 MON- THURS “Specials” (Exception: Friday-9:40-10:20)
9:35-10:00 Snack/Recess
10- 11:30 LITERACY/LA
11:35-12:35 Lunch/Recess
12:35-1:00 SSR
1-2:15- MATH

Tues & Friday-Phys. Ed 

 Academic Accomplishments: 

  • Students are doing a terrific job using their planners. They have come back to class each morning with HW filled out and signed by a parent. My students have also been very responsible with passing in HW. YAY, for us!!! 
  •  DRA Testing is complete. 
  • Reading Notebooks have been started in class. Our Class Read Aloud- Kneeknock Rise, by Natalie Babbit 
  • On Friday, we started using our laptops to write a story. Students have shared their story with me and the creating..., editing…., revising process is in place for their first adventure story of the year. 
  • Language and Literary elements: Fantastic, groovy, and super-exciting vocabulary for discussion and writing. Idioms-meanings and application Theme, characters, and setting of story Proper nouns -Spelling words-classmate names 
Points of interest and Things to consider:
In past years, our class has been participating in bringing in a healthy snack for the class each week. What that means is that a schedule is set up and each student is assigned a week to bring in a healthy snack for the class to share. Fresh fruit (bags of apples, oranges, etc) cheese sticks, granola bars (no nut products), etc.

The student would bring in the snack at the beginning of the week. Once it is gone, it’s gone. The student would not need to send in additional for that week.

I will start the schedule next week, so I will bring in the first snack on Tuesday.

More information will be coming home via newsletter and my class blog:

Have an awesome Labor Day weekend! Mrs. Conrad

Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Fun - Are you ready?

For my 21st Century Learning class, I have made some terrific modifications to our work and various projects for the 5th Grade Wax Museum. These will help to redefine the expectations of student work. I think the students will find them highly engaging and springboard their excitement to produce very creative work to highlight their knowledge of their Wax Museum character.

In past I have shown this:

So, "Bring it on, Class of 2016, who are you gonna BE?"

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I am thinking of using KidBlog, because I want my students to be able to have a space to showcase their work, projects, and accomplishments. I would also want them to be able to review and respond to the work they have done, as in a reflection upon their steps in achieving goals and how they felt about their work. This site would allow parents to view the work of the student periodically and have a good sense of how their child feels about themselves as learners. It is also seems to be a site where I could moderate and have a record of student growth throughout the year.

Students can post stories, videos, examples of work, interviews, etc. The possibilities seem endless.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Transforming Teaching with Tablets

How do iPads align with a vision of meaningful and purposeful learning?

iPads are instrumental in our 21st century technology's vision of education and learning. Looking at our daily environments, has helped us to understand what is relevant to individual's interests. We see proof that the varied devices are paramount to how we are growing and experiencing and learning about the world around us.

Connected and "true" learning comes from collaboration, solving problems, communicating a message or meaning, and a stimulation or interest to extend one's knowledge. Most often, this is not a solo endeavor.

In our schools today, devices can foster greater interest in each student's own achievements, build collaboration of ideas and skills, and encourage a greater accessibility for all learning abilities in our classrooms.

Monday, July 13, 2015

DIY Lake Science

I think this app would be great to use as a solo activity for students, as well as for small groups. Students will learn about freshwater ecosystems. There are lots of things to learn via interactive simulations, science experiments, and informational videos. Looking further, there are more science concepts in other DIY science apps.

Day 1 of Ipad class

Hello! I am feeling really psyched, and a bit overwhelmed, at all that I have been exposed to on this first day! Whew!