Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Transforming Teaching with Tablets

How do iPads align with a vision of meaningful and purposeful learning?

iPads are instrumental in our 21st century technology's vision of education and learning. Looking at our daily environments, has helped us to understand what is relevant to individual's interests. We see proof that the varied devices are paramount to how we are growing and experiencing and learning about the world around us.

Connected and "true" learning comes from collaboration, solving problems, communicating a message or meaning, and a stimulation or interest to extend one's knowledge. Most often, this is not a solo endeavor.

In our schools today, devices can foster greater interest in each student's own achievements, build collaboration of ideas and skills, and encourage a greater accessibility for all learning abilities in our classrooms.

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  1. This sound great Kathy. You are moving in a good direction with your class.